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 gear & player info for raids

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Age : 38
Location : Greece-Athens
Registration date : 2008-02-20

PostSubject: gear & player info for raids   Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:22 am

i start with me ,im Jim from Athens 27 years old i wok one week morning and the other week afternoon,that means i can play when i work afternoon at 21:00,when i work morning at 19:00

gear info 1755 heal bonus unbuffed
24,70% spell critical rate
resiliance:315 for pve & 335 for pvp
mana regenerate unbuffed:33 mana per 5 secs



afro bob marley is my favourite king
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Age : 34
Location : Jordan
Registration date : 2007-11-08

PostSubject: Re: gear & player info for raids   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:33 pm

my name is ( abed alrhman) <-- my first name Razz Amman-Jordan

i still cant find a game card so i cant come Razz

AP- 1700 unbuffed pve/ 1400 pvp
crit- 27%
resiliance 276 with libram around 300
Ret 5 /11/55

Moyaa ( owner moya my brother)
dodg rate- 32%

never say a Ret cant dps you have to see him in action
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Number of posts : 10
Registration date : 2008-02-21

PostSubject: Re: gear & player info for raids   Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:40 am

hi there, im some random guy that doesnt like their own name Wink

Bonus healing:1986
crit chance: 12,93% (well, that says in my profile, but i dont belive it Wink)
mana regen 394/166

ATT power: 1190 unbuffed (in combat i allways have at least 1478 cuzz totem + unleashed rage)
crit chance: 29'15%
hit rating 85 (+5,39%)

im lazy, cynic and apathic, and like to play dumb w noobs, if u tease me, ill bite, and ppl says im mean (dunno why) Razz

never judge an enhancement shamy for their dps, do it for his party's improvement Wink

"There is no honor, no glory in deing for the dreams of others, everybody can do it, The true glory lies in living no matter what, and fight no matter who, to see your own dreams realised"-Pent Planeshunter
"I really pity you, planeshunter, not a single second to rest your soul, not a single friend to support your heart, all your life you will be looking back, fearing the ones you once hurt, thats a dreadful destiny"- Sikanda
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PostSubject: Re: gear & player info for raids   

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gear & player info for raids
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