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PostSubject: GUILD RULES   Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:04 am

Rules exists to make balance and to help ppl to achive their objectives faster and with better results, so rules are meant to proctect us and to make us stronger and more disciplicine.
And dont forget, this ones are not meant to be broken! follow this rules and our guild will be much much stronger.

1 ) Sign up on the forums! every member have to come and check forum at least 1 time per week!
2 ) Inform members you see online about the rules if they havent been online for awhile or you think they dont know about them.
3 ) If you go away for an extended time let someone in the guild preferably your CL and/or officer know.
4 ) all lvl 70 alts are alowed to be in guild!
5 ) Post you profession on the forums
6 ) Respect all members and be polite.
7 ) Be active if you want to be part of this guild and if you have some reason that you can't just tell your GM/ officer or CL why.
8 ) improve ur gear as much as u can on heroics and with other ways so all guild can benefit with that.
9 ) Always listen to your officers and CLs and if they ask you something try to consider that as a really needed help for guild.
10 ) if for some reason u leave this guild once or if u were kicked with proper reason then u will not be able to join this guild ever again.
11) All members have to get GEM and subscribe! if u dont subscribe u will not come to the raids anymore! if u have any probs with GEM is cause u are not using it correctly so contact us!
12 ) if for some reason u cant come to a raid just cod the officers and tell why! we dont mind that u have stuff in RL to do we just want to br inform if we can count on u for each raid.
13 ) all have to go and read raid rules!

Thanks for your attention Exclamation
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